Our Vision Data Makes Growth

To acknowledge the worth of all data across the world.
To never lie with data.
To prioritize the utilization of data to unlock its true value.

Datarize in Numbers

*as of Jan 2022
300+ Clients
119mil. Users profiled
7.8bil. Data accumulated

Our Story Data grows exponentially in our digitally connected world.

Implementing insight from digital data to daily business decision making, unleashes possibilities to help our clients grow. These are our core beliefs at Datarize. We help develop and execute core business strategies with our expertise in data analytics and marketing automation. And we do this with integrity by providing data and interpretation you can trust.

Let us interpret the data that matters most to you.
Datarize – the data solution that drives your business


01. 2022
Completed Series A funding
08. 2021
Established corporate R&D Office
05. 2021
Launched the Smart multi-channel messaging service with Lunasoft
03. 2021
Admitted to Datavoucher, the investment program under the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT.
03. 2021
Accredited as a venture company.
02. 2021
Launched the new feature, Data-talk, automatic business-overview messaging service through chat-app.
01. 2021
Officially launched Datarze
05. 2020
Raised seed funding from Naver D2SF and Base Investment.
01. 2020
Launched beta-service of Datarize
08. 2019
Founded Datarize


Floor 6, 205, Dogok-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea